How Do You Stay Safe When Traveling Abroad?

If you’re planning a trip abroad, you need to ensure you’re as safe as possible. Afterall, you’re going to a foreign country. Thankfully for you, you have us by your side.

Keep reading as we’ll be running through the best safety tips you should know.

Don’t Stand Out

They love scamming tourists. This is true for anywhere in the world so you need to dress as a local as much as you can. By doing so, you’ll show everyone around you that you’re accustomed to their way of life- not vulnerable to scams.

You can easily do this by doing a little digging online. The internet would have what locals wear. By speaking to people who’ve lived in the region, you can get a better idea. Contacting such people is possible through traveling forums.

If you look like the people in the country you’re visiting, you could fool them more by learning phrases in their language. Doing this, you should ensure you’re nailing the pronunciation down. This will complete the image, making you one of them.

Where’s Your Wallet?

When traveling, you need to be mindful of your wallet all the time. It shouldn’t be in a spot that’s easily accessible as you’re asking to be robbed!

Luckily for you, several brands have put out wallets specifically for travelers. Hence, they’re locked.

When pulling money out, you have to be very discreet. If prying eyes notice you have notes stacked up, you’re attracting attention you don’t need.

To avoid such a situation, you can use your debit and credit card at all times. If anyone robs you, you don’t have anything to worry about as you can call the bank and get your card tended to.

Where Are You Staying?

When planning a vacation abroad, it’s important that you work with a travel agent. They know the layout of the land. Because of this, you can stay in a part of the country that’s the safest.

Without the agent’s expert knowledge, you could book a stay in a hotel that’s known to be in a sketchy neighborhood.

Unfortunately, this is especially true if you’re visiting countries in South or South East Asia,  so if you’re interested in tours of India, get an agent.

Public Transport

Public transport may be cheap but it’s a good place to get robbed. You’re stuck in a crowded bus and many people will rub against you to steal whatever you have.

Trying to find the culprit is difficult as they can easily escape from the vehicle. And even if they don’t escape, you won’t be able to pinpoint who robbed you in a vehicle full of people.

What’s more, is, public transport can be dangerous for female travelers. As it gets crowded, men can easily grind against you, being inappropriate.


You’re traveling to a foreign country. You never know what will happen on your trip so you need to bring a lot of medication. Bring pills for headaches, fever, a cold, cough and most importantly- diarrhea.

Secure Your Room

Wherever you’ll be staying, it’s a good decision to lock it up. You’re vulnerable when asleep so no one can enter and do you any harm.

In conclusion, follow the above points to have a safe journey.

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